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Crear un CD autoarrancable para Reparar, Restaurar o Diagnosticar problemas informáticos (UBCD4Win)

Para realizar este CD autoarrancable necesitamos un Windows XP (preferible con Service Pack 2 ó 3) y el UBCD4Win que descargaremos desde: (en el momento de realizar el tutorial, la versión es la 3.50).

*** Recomendación: Desactivar el AntiVirus ya que podría parar la creación del CD por tener varias herramientas consideradas como "peligrosas" ***

Insertamos el CD/ISO del Windows XP.

Ejecutamos el archivo descargado (ubcd4winV350.exe) y realizamos la instalación en la carpeta C:\UBCD4Win. Nuestra unidad de DVD/CD es D:\.

Os aparecerá un mensaje para verificar, por MD5, si el archivo descargado está correcto. Pulsamos en (siempre es bueno comprobarlo).

Y comenzará la comprobación. Una vez comprobado y que todo esté correcto

pulsamos en Aceptar y esperamos a que termine de enumerar ficheros y carpetas.

Después de todos los chequeos de integridad, pulsamos en Aceptar.

Pulsamos en Siguiente, nos aparecerá la pantalla de comprobación de patches, pulsamos en y después en Aceptar.

Y dejamos marcada la casilla de Ejecutar UBCD4winBuilder.exe y pulsamos en Finalizar.

Aceptamos el contrato de Licencia pulsando en Estoy de acuerdo.

Nos sale un ventana que nos buscará automáticamente los archivos de instalación de Windows. Pulsamos en No.

Pasamos a la configuración.

Fuente: D:\
Adicionales: < en nuestro caso quedará vacío >
Salida: BartPE
Crear una imagen ISO: C:\UBCD4Win\UBCD4WinBuilder.iso

Pulsamos en Construir; pulsamos en para crear el directorio C:\UBCD4Win\BartPE y comenzará la creación de la ISO

Y una vez finalizado pulsamos en Cerrar.

Y Terminar.

Grabamos el CD y arrancamos el PC con él.

Elegimos la opción Launch "The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows" para arrancar el Windows XP modificado.

Una vez arrancado, vamos a elegir la opción: ubcd4win-auto y pulsamos en Start Shell.

En este momento podemos habilitar la red (dependerá de cada uno de nosotros si nos hace falta). En nuestro caso pulsaremos en No.

Y por fin estaremos en el Escritorio.

Ahora tendremos acceso al PC físico desde un LiveCD, la mejor forma de eliminar virus, troyanos, spyware, o simplemente hacer cambios que no podemos realizar desde el propio ordenador una vez arrancado.

La lista de software que vamos a encontrar en este CD la podéis leer a continuación:

Anti-Spyware Tools
aSquared Free Scans remote hard drives for spyware, etc.
AVG AntiSpyware
CWShredder 2.16 Finds and removes traces of CoolWebSearch hijacker.
EzPCFix ?? Helpfultool when trying to remove viruses, spyware, other troublesome advertisingprograms, and malware from your computer.
HiJackThis 2 Helpfultool when trying to remove viruses, spyware, other troublesome advertisingprograms, and malware. Not as good as EzPCFix.
Rootkitty ? Verynew tool in development, searches a system for rootkits
Spy Bot 1.5.2 Effectivelyscans remote hard drives for spyware/malware!
Super AntiSpyware Effectivelyscans remote hard drives for spyware/malware!
WinSock Fix 1.2 Usedto repair WinSock errors

AntiVirus Tools
AVPersonal 7.04 Goodfull featured freeware AntiVirus software
Avast! Tool 1.0.211 Scansfor a limited number of viruses
Kaspersky VRT Freevirus Removal Tool from Kaspersky
McAfee Stinger 2.6.0 Scansfor a limited number of viruses


FireFox InternetBrowser
Irfanview 3.98 Compactimage viewer
NotePad++ 4.7.5 Powerfulnotepad replacement
Opera 9.25 InternetBrowser
PDF Reader 1.3B519 PDFviewer
nPOPuk 2.11 EmailClient
XPSetupLauncher 1.4 Allowsyou to perform unattended installs of XP from within BPE

CD Burning Applications

DeepBurner Allowsyou to burn CD's in the BPE environment.
DVD RAM 4.2.2 DVDBurning software
Express Burn 1.08 CDBurning software
SmallCD 1.12 CDBurning software

Commercial software Plugins -note-:requires license and filesto build
Ghost 8& 11 Excellentimaging software
Kaspersky AV 7& 8 AwesomeAV software <Plugins for Version 7, and 8>

Disk Tools
CopyWipe 1.14 Copiesand/or securely erases hard drives
Disk Copy N/A Floppydisk copier
Disk Image 1.15 Createsand restores images of disks to files
DriveImage XML 1.18 Harddrive backup and cloning
ImgMaker 1.1 Createbackup images of your Hard drive, no longer supported?
RawCopy 1.0 Usedto transfer data directly to another drive when the original is faulty
SelfImage 1.1 Harddrive backup and cloning

AusLogicsDefrag Harddisk defragmenter
Defraggler Harddrive defragmenter
Dirms 1.2.20 ComandLine utility to defragement your entire drive

Bst5 5.1.4 Bart'sStuff test. Small Win32 application for long time heavily stress testingstorage devices. Supports testing at file and device levels.
chkdsk N/A
DskChkup 1.1B1005 Allowsyou to monitor the SMART attributes of a hard drive
Disk Check 1.0.75 Utilityto check disks for errors and benchmarking
HDTune 2.5 Harddisk utility that will: Benchmark, Error scan, display temperature, SMARTheatlh information and provide other hard drive information
WinDLG 1.02 WesternDigital HDD diagnostic software for Windows

Boot Build 1.0 Create,import, or export your boot sector, useful when damaged by viruses orphysical damage
MbrFix Fixor create Master boot record
MBRWiz 1.52 MasterBoot Record Wizard
TestDisk 6.9 Toolto check and undelete partitions

CCleaner 2.03.543
Drive Erase 1.02 Permanentlyerases data from hard disks, removable media, partitions, files and folders.
Disk Wipe 1.1 Securelywipes data from discs
Eraser 5.7 Completelyremove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several timeswith carefully selected patterns
Index.datSuite 2.8.6 Aunique program that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files,temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allowsyou to view the index.datfiles on your system.

File Management
IZArc 3.5B3 Popularfreeware compression tool.
7-Zip 4.57 Popularfreeware compression tool.

a43 2.45 Filemanagement
Agent Ransack 1.73 Filesearch
freeCommander 2007.10a Filemanagement
Space Monger 1.4 Graphicaldisk usage viewer tool.
TinyHexer Hexeditor
WinDir Stat 1.1 Diskusage statistics viewer and cleanup tool
xplorer2 Lite EXCELLENTFile management tool!!

DBXtract 4.5 RepairsPST files for Outlook express
DiskInvestigator 1.31 Displaythe true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directlyreading the raw drive sectors. View and search raw directories, files,clusters, and system sectors. Verify the effectiveness of file and diskwiping programs. Undelete previously deleted files
Fab'sAutoBackup 1.2 Backupand restore personal settings like emails, documents, internet browserbookmarks
File Recovery 4.0 Datarecovery for damaged files and erased partitions
Floppy Repair 1.0 Eliminatesbad sectors of Floppy disk surface, does not hide bad sectors in the filesystem, as Scandisk like utilities, it really restores them
FreeUndelete 1.0 Datarecovery program for deleted files
Handy Recovery 1.0 Designedto restore files accidentally deleted from hard disks and floppy drives
Recovery Manager 1.5 Backup& Restore, Duplicate, Recover files accidentally deleted or fromcorrupted media, and Format Digital Flash Media
Recuva 1.10.223 Filerecovery program
Restoration 2.5.14 FileRecovery, restore files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin
UnChk 3 RecoverCHK files
SwissKnife 3.21 Usefultool to create, delete, and format partitions
Unstop Copier 1.9 Recoversfiles from disks with physical damage

Games sorry, no sound
Arcade! PacMan,Pong, Snake, Space Invaders, Tetris
MS Games n/a Freecell,Hearts, Minesweeper, Pinball, Spider
Same Game Puzzlegame

Linux Tools

Explore2fs 1.00 Allowsexploration of Linux partitions in the Windows environment
R-Linux 1.0 Recoveryutility for the Ext2FS filesystem

MultiBoot Tools
MemTest86+ 2.0 Memorytester
Vista Recovery Console n/a Recoveryconsole for Windows Vista

Network Tools
FileZilla FTPClient
IP Sniffer 1.91.6 FastIP scanner for Windows
IPScan 2.21 FastIP scanner for Windows
LAN Monitor 1.3.5 Karen's
NetStumbler 0.4 Findwireless networks
Network ConfigTool n/a Tom'sNetwork ConfigTool, to help setup network configuration settings beforebuilding
NIC Speed 1.3 Bart's
nwdskpe Novell'sNetWare Client to access NetWare servers by IP/IPX
Putty .60 Implementationof Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator
Real VNC Server 4.1.2 Remotecontrol software which allows you to view and interact with one computer
Quick 'n Easy FTP Server 3.1 EasyFTP Server
Tight VNC Viewer 1.2.9 Remotecontrol software package
UltraVNC 1RC18 Remotelycontrol a computer over any TCP/IP connection
VNC Neighborhood 1.1.9 VNCserver TCP scanner, uses Microsoft Windows Networking features to locatecomputers in Microsoft Windows domains and workgroups

Password Tools
cmos 4.6 Findyour CMOS password and/or replace it
PasswordPro MD5,MD4, MySQL, SHA-1 hashes password recovery, password keeper, passwordgenerator, hash generator, dictionary generator, etc
SalaPassword Renew 1.1B (re)setthe passwords of any user that has a valid local account, create a new localuser with administrator rights, and set administrator rights to existing useron your NT system

Registry Tools
Erunt 1.1i EmergencyRecovery Utility -Registry backup and restore
Fix HDC n/a Fixthe Hard Drive Controller when replacing your motherboard on an XP system,possible replacement for Fix IDE?
Fix IDE n/a Fixthe IDE Controller when replacing your motherboard on an XP system
RegBrws 1.2.2 Browseslocal/remote system registry using a specified account
RegResWiz Wizardthat restores the registry to previous saved states
Windows Registry Analyzer

Shell Features
ASPI N/A CDSupport
AutoRun N/A BPEfunctionality
atapi_824146 N/A XPPatch
BartPE 5.1.4 smallwin32 application for long term heavy stress testing storage devices at thefile and device level
CHM, HLP, WSH, USB Support n/a Allfeatures are supported/available thanks to the "core" of
dcomlaunch n/a LaunchDComLaunch service first -for SP2
Dialup n/a Ability to use your modem, youwill need to create a modem driver plugin for your particular model. Email mefor support, I will try to help
DosPE 1.0.6 DOS16-bit support
GeoShell N/A Addsmore "XP" feel, enhanced startbutton, quicklaunch, taskbar, etc.
Keyboard support Keyboardmapping and "Onscreen keyboard"
MMC Update 2.0 MicrosoftManagement Console
mstsc N/A Remotedesktop client
Mouse support PS/2,Serial, and USB mouse support
nu2menu Menusystem
peinst HDinstallation tool for PE
penetcfg PENetwork Configurator
PPOE2k3 PPPOEdialup network support for Win 2k3
PPOEXP PPPOEdialup network support for XP
RAM Profiles 1.0 Createsa profiles in the RAM drive which allows several tools to work properly
UnxUtils GNUutilities for Win32
VBdlls 5.0&6.0 VisualBasic DLL's, makes these runtime dll's available in PE

System Information Tools
-Benchmark Tools
CPU Bench 4.0.06 CPUbenchmarking software
Dead PixelTester 2.30 Usedto help dead pixels on your LCD/TFT monitor
MemTest 3.2 Memorytester, please read manual.htm for instructions and advice
P95 23.8 Prime95,stress tester, popular with overclockers
Quick Bench
StraightMark 1.2.1 Systembenchmarking tool

-Information& Diagnostic Tools
CPUz 2.44 Gathersinformation on some of the main devices in a system
Driver Wizard
KeyFinder 1.41 Willfind your Windows installation key, both the PE and Windows versions areincluded
Nero InfoTool 3.0 Detaileddrive and system information for your CD/DVD drives
System Info 1.73 Providesdetailed system information, network info., etc.
Unknown Devices 1.2 Helpsdiscover what unknown devices in Device Manager really are
WinAudit 1.3 Auditsyour software and hardware configurations
WinCPUID 3.3 Displaysthe CPU information: Shows Frequency, Multiplier, Chipset Info. etc
WUL 1.21 WindowsUpdate list, lists updates and patches installed on a system

UBCD4Win Exclusive Tools
The "Core" n/a Anextremely complex "plugin" that provides a lot of additional XPfunctionality to Many of the "old" plugins have beenconsolidated into this "core" such as keyboard, onscreen keyboard,USB support, WSH support, and so much more!!
RamDrive PurchasedOEM license for the RamDrive driver. Provides up to a 2 Gigabyte RAM drivefor
Tom's MyInfo n/a Similarto BGInfo in the fact that it displays system information on the desktop
RunScanner Registryredirector plugin developed by Paraglider. Used for launching spywaredetector programs and has been tested with SpySweeper and Ad-Aware
Joshua's Localization n/a Germanlanguage support and an easy way to change almost all dialogue to your nativelanguage

Realmente se podría hacer un tutorial por cada una de la utilidades que tenemos en el CD pero la intención de este tutorial era, solamente, crear un LiveCD y dar a conocer esta herramienta.

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